Monday, March 7, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Tales of Honor, Volume 2


Honor Harrington spends time on pleasure satellite. Sounds like a tabloid headline, doesn't it? In this brand-new story featuring the Manticoran Naval officer, Honor heads to the satellite Eros to do a favor for her mother. Uncle Jacques is missing and was last seen on Eros, so Honor heads there with Harkness and Tremaine in tow. What they find is far beyond what they expected. As usual, Honor doesn't disappoint. With her two crewmen and Nimitz, she takes on crooked businessmen, hired guns, a peak bear, two wildcats...and uncovers evidence of major illegal activities. Between the gambling, buffets, fighting with marines, arena matches, etc. Harkness swears it is the best R&R he has ever had.

Reading the books about Honor and her crew, curiosity about how they spend their time off duty is natural. The creators of this graphic novel have come up with a story that fits easily into the existing oeuvre and fleshes out the characters in new ways. We see again how Tremaine works to keep Harkness out of trouble, how Nimitz and Honor work as a team, and how tight a bond there is between Honor and her crew. If you haven't tried the graphic stories of the Honorverse, you should really give them a chance. They are well written and beautifully illustrated, bringing Harrington and crew to life with color and action.

I read a pdf copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

BTW, On Basilisk Station (#1) and The Honor of the Queen (#2) are free from Kindle and iBooks.

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