Saturday, March 5, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Brooklyn on Fire: A Mary Handley Mystery

Mary Handley is excited to receive a new client. Since she solved the Goodrich case, she has been trying to get her private detective business started and this doesn't seem to be too difficult a matter to clear up. Unfortunately, the case she accepts leads her into conflict with some of the biggest political powers in New York and Brooklyn. While things may be a bit rough in her career, her brother's seems to be taking off. Sean has just been given his first murder case as primary investigator and he has also become engaged to Mary's friend Patti. Things are very busy for the Handley siblings and the action and intrigue just keep piling up. Murders, arson, assault, scandal, frames, threats, blackmail...there isn't much criminal activity that doesn't make its way into their investigations.

For those who have read Mary's first adventure, the return of Brooklyn's first female detective will be a welcome reunion of reader and character. Those who are encountering Mary for the first time, will be amazed at the painstaking recreation of 1889 New York. Just as in the first book, many notable figures of the day have a place in the story, including - Cornelius and George Vanderbilt, John D.Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Mayor Alfred Chapin, and William Gaynor. It is incredible how many real events and people are worked into the plot. Mary is a complex character with intelligence, courage, stubbornness, loyalty, and a determination to succeed despite society's restrictions and the disapproval of her own mother. Readers will be eagerly awaiting her next appearance when they reach the last page.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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