Monday, March 7, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Tales of Honor, Volume 1

Honor Harrington fans have the chance to enjoy their heroine in a graphic novel format. The story takes place in two timelines. In the "present" time, Honor and her crew are being transported aboard a Havenite ship to the prison planet Hades. Honor is sentenced to be executed once they reach the planet. In the meantime, she is enduring torture and interrogation. To distract herself, she thinks back on her first command of the ship HMS Fearless ten years ago and the events that happened at Basilisk Station.

The action is based on two existing Honor Harrington novels, In Enemy Hands and On Basilisk Station, and is true to the existing story line from those books. The artwork does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life and depicting the ships and space station. Short bios of the main characters are provided in the back matter, as well as an explanation of how ships function in Honor's universe (the Honorverse).

This is highly recommended to fans of the novels and also to any readers who enjoy military sci-fi. 

I read a pdf copy provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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