Sunday, June 5, 2016

Spring Reading 2016 Mystic Tides


Arden has lived his entire life in Alaska with his father, Brogan. All he knows about his mother is her name, Melissa, and that she left him on his father's doorstep when he was a baby. Now he is being uprooted and sent to live with his aunt in Florida, a continent away from his only parent. It's only temporary, at least that's what his father says. Brogan is taking a higher paying job and will be out at sea for weeks at a time, but his sister and niece will have Arden live with them so he won't be alone. Like most teenagers, Arden doesn't want to be moved across the country and go to a new school for his senior year without his best friend. He begins to think the move wasn't so bad when he meets Kailani, a quiet girl with a mesmerizing singing voice.

It would seem like this is the story of a transcontinental YA romance, but strange things keep happening. Arden saw something odd in the ocean during his last night in Alaska, and he thinks he has seen that same flash of color and movement here in Florida. What is it? Is it following him? And he has strange dreams where voices call to him to come home. Is it just homesickness, or something else? Why do Kailani and her sister Katiana seem to glow pearly white in the sun, but look golden and tanned when they are indoors? (No, they are not secretly Cullens.) Why does Kat's boyfriend Liam live with the twins in their grandmother's cottage? And why does Arden feel he is beginning to develop odd abilities? The end of the book leaves readers with answers to some of these questions, but also lays out possibilities for more books with these characters, including the hope for true love and the danger of vicious enemies. Will love conquer all?

As you can see from the blurb, this new YA series is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale of "The Little Mermaid." If you enjoy the original, darker versions of fairy tales, or like the urban fantasy style that mixes paranormal beings in with modern life, then this series will appeal to you.

I received a copy of the book from the author for review purposes.

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