Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Reading 2017 Dot-to-Hot Darcy: 40 Literary Lovers and Heart-throbs


Dot-to-Hot Darcy is a combination of scenes from literature, with a romantic "heart-throb" in dot-to-dot form to occupy each page spread. Along with the illustrations, there is a brief synopsis of the the character, what book he is found in, and commentary on his traits. Reading the text is like listening to a really clever friend explain what she likes and dislikes about each of these figures. Pontmercy from Les Miserables resembles an app "programmed for romance." Bolkonsky from War and Peace earns "#hotprince." And we are informed that Laurie from Little Women "should feel ashamed" for picking the wrong sister.

This is not a Cliff's Notes version of the books that are referenced. Instead, this is an entertaining look at major romantic figures from 40 different pieces of literature. With its combination of dot-to-dot pictures, coloring pages, and witty character analysis, it is the perfect companion for a rainy afternoon, a sick day spent on the couch, or an evening with friends and chocolate. 

I received a sample from the publisher for review purposes.

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