Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Reading 2016 Engaged in Danger


I wonder if Jamie Quinn (or Jamie Franco, if she uses her father's name), would consider calling her office "Murphy's Law"? Because if anything can go wrong, it certainly seems to around her. Let's trot out a few examples - just as things are getting really serious with her boyfriend, he leaves for Australia for several months to save endangered wombats (yes, that's a thing); she gets mixed up in a nasty divorce case (the husband reminds me of the lawyer husband in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"); her P.I. friend Duke gets dumped by his girlfriend; and Jamie has a huge fight with her best friend, Grace. This doesn't happen over an extended period of time, either.

If you're having a bad week, this could be a case of misery loves company, or "things could always be worse." Unless your week includes possible Russian assassins, hackers taking your computer hostage, being a person of interest in a felony, or sticking your foot in your mouth about the significant other of your bestie, you should begin to feel an improvement in your outlook after comparing your life to Jamie's. There are also plenty of opportunities to laugh; I suggest the scene with the rescue dogs and the paint canvas.

Fans of Jamie's other books will welcome this 4th installment in the series, and new readers will see what keeps people coming back for more. Great for mystery lovers who enjoy some humor and a little romance mixed in with their action and suspense.

I received a copy of the book from the author for review purposes.

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