Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Reading 2016 A Call to Mercy: Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve

Although I have seen Mother Teresa many times in the media, I have never read a book about her before. I am glad that I chose this one. Pulling passages from her letters, speeches, and interviews, the editor has shared Teresa's thoughts on the 7 corporal and 7 spiritual works of mercy. He has then followed each of these with testimonies from various eyewitnesses to her ministry and works. At the end of each section there is a reflection on the particular work of mercy addressed, and a prayer (many of which were prayed by Mother Teresa daily).

To describe the purpose and legacy of such a long and rich life as she lived, this seems to be a good way to organize everything that is shared. Simply reading through the quotes and testimonies we can begin to grasp how far-reaching her influence was. From Albania to Calcutta, Mexico to New York, she reached out all around the globe. Her thoughts on the nature of mercy and why we should show it to others are just as relevant now as when she first wrote them. 

This would make a good book club choice, since there is so much to discuss, or it could be used for a group Bible study. It can also be enjoyed simply as the biography of a remarkable woman. Reading it will cause you to re-examine your own life and how you are choosing to live it.

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