Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Reading 2016 Wynonna Earp Volume 1: Homecoming


I watched several episodes of the TV series this summer, so when I saw this collection of issues 1-6, it caught my interest. The show and comics both capture a feeling that is almost "Deadpool" meets the wild west. The body count is staggering. The gore is dripping everywhere. There are plenty of snarky remarks. But there are also demons, witches, and cannibals rather than mutant villains. And Wynonna's natural talents in hunting down the unnatural enemies of mankind are a result of inheriting the family curse, not an extra options package in her DNA. The backstory of that curse and her famous ancestor (Wyatt), is revealed in small bits so that readers put together the big picture slowly, just as you do whenever you meet someone new. This new acquaintance just happens to have shootouts with demonic gunslingers and busts up black market deals for large shipments of brains.

Dealing with a family curse can make someone a bit touchy, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Wynonna tends to annoy her superior, Xavier Dolls. Then again, with a name like that, he should expect to be annoyed by people. Besides Wy and X (LOL), there are also John Henry, a questionable ally with a mysterious past, and another agent that has many years of experience (you'll have to read to find out who).

It's obvious that the writer is familiar with the Earp legend. Several of the lines spoken by Wynonna are almost identical to those spoken by Kurt Russell in the movie "Tombstone." As a fan of the movie, it was hard for me not to put the words, "I'll be your huckleberry," into John Henry's mouth, especially when he confronts Johnny Ringo (my mind kept picturing Val Kilmer and Michael Biehn). 

If you have been enjoying the TV series, then you should try the comics and graphic novels.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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