Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Reading 2016 The Witch Hunter


In the kingdom of Anglia magic is illegal. And in this time of swords and sorcery they don't hand out citations, they burn you at the stake. The king's uncle, Lord Blackwell has a team of witch hunters that are specially trained to find and capture anyone who uses magic. Elizabeth Grey is the only female in the group of hunters. When she is accused of witchcraft herself and sentenced to be burned, she is rescued by public enemy number 1, Nicholas, the magical counselor of the former king. When a plague killed the king and half the population, it was said that Nicholas had used his magic to start the plague because he hoped to take over the throne. So why would he bother to rescue a witch hunter from prison and death? As Elizabeth recovers from her imprisonment, she learns that the magic users aren't what she has been told. When the time comes, will she choose her old companions or the new ones who have saved her life?

If you look for stories with an historical feel - the swords and kings and peasants living in thatched huts - then the setting of this book is perfect for you. If you like stories where the protagonist goes through a shift in their world view and realizes they have been lied to about major events and their causes, then this is a book for you. If you want a strong female character who can survive tragedy and betrayal and rebuild her life, then...well, you know, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. Anyone who enjoys books that mix a period feel with the fantasy element of magic will find plenty that appeals to them in The Witch Hunter. From the tavern scenes, to the sumptuous gowns worn by the noblewomen, to the descriptions of the foods and the cottages, you will be pulled into a place and time very different from our own. The character of Elizabeth reminds me of Alexa in Sara Larsen'sDefy. They both have been trained to serve the rulers of their lands, and they both discover that there are hidden plots and outright lies about the past that the leaders will do anything to protect.

Highly recommended for YA readers of historical fantasy. I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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