Sunday, February 28, 2016

Winter Reading 2016 Into the Dim


For YA fans of series like Outlander, Janet Taylor's Into the Dim gathers some great names from history along with some amazing technology to create a time travel adventure that never stops twisting and turning. I mentioned great names - Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry II, Thomas a Becket, John Dee, Nikola Tesla - how are those for a starter? Some of the time travel itself is similar to other such stories, with nexus points along ley lines that make it possible to visit other times. A new element in this book is the use of machinery invented by Tesla to control the trips, along with more recent computer hardware and programs to fine-tune things. The use of particular talismans for safe passage adds to the difficulties and the twists of the story. The characters themselves are a wide variety - Hope (eidetic memory, home schooled), Phoebe (blue hair, wiz at hand to hand), Collum (Phoebe's brother, swordsman), Douglas (computer nerd), and Bran (fighter and lover?). These teens are caught in a struggle between two groups, the Viators and the Timeslippers, as they both try to find the legendary Nonius Stone which they believe will allow them to control the time stream. Which side will win?

If you enjoy stories that are a mix of action, mystery, suspense, and time travel, then this could be the book for you. There are mysteries buried hundreds of years in the past, as well as their effect on the present. Double- and even triple-crosses keep the suspense ratcheted up throughout the events. Loyalties are questioned and strained. Bravery is shown again and again. There is youthful romance, villainy, and unexpected allies. You will want to read without stopping just to try and figure out who are friends and who are foes. 

Note - The f-bomb makes a few appearances and there are several attempted rape scenes which makes this unsuitable for younger children.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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