Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Reading 201 Batman, vol. 8: Superheavy

Batman is dead. Long live Batman. After Bruce Wayne's death fighting the Joker, Wayne Enterprises has been subsumed in a corporate takeover along with all Wayne's technology. The new owners have decided to continue the legacy of Batman by creating an incredible suit and finding the perfect candidate to wear it, working in conjunction with the police force to keep Gotham safe. And the perfect candidate is...Commissioner Gordon? So he trains, gets a haircut, quits smoking, and takes to the streets. But someone is out there creating new super villains, a mysterious figure called Mr. Bloom. Can a middle-aged policeman really live up to the public's expectations of their hero, especially if he is constrained by working within the law?

I have read Batman comics for years (we're not saying how many), and I like the idea of Gordon trying to continue in Bruce Wayne's footsteps. The story will probably grow on me (haha, little bloom joke there). This volume is all about setting up the plot, putting everything into motion, and providing some backstory about the characters. It seems a bit slow, and the jump between characters and timelines makes it choppy in places. Still, the new suit has some cool capabilities, the support team is young and diverse, and I haven't decided if I like the project's CEO. Although I feel a bit like Clark Kent during his cameo, that Bruce Wayne needs to be Batman, I'm willing to give this version a fighting chance.

Recommended for fans of the Bat and superhero comics. Violence may be a bit much for younger readers. T for teen.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

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