Friday, December 18, 2015

Fall Reading 2015 Design the Life You Love

I enjoy planning and organizing, so the idea of this book appealed to me. Once I began reading it, I enjoyed the way it was presented. The process that the book will take you through is explained up front, and plenty of examples are given for each step along the way. Since the author is a designer, the approach she uses draws heavily on that background with lots of visual organizers like idea maps, graphs, and diagrams. There are also times when lists, charts, and poems are used to gather your thoughts. The main thrust of the book is to deconstruct your life and examine all the existing elements, and then reconstruct it with the things you want to keep and eliminating the things you don't love.

There are so many positive points about this book. It includes various types of responses to the different prompts so that no matter what style of learner you are, or how best you express yourself, you will have opportunities to work from your areas of strength and explore new methods, too. I also appreciated the way each step was presented and then a time limit for the response was given, and each one was a small chunk that felt do-able and not overwhelming. There were also extra pages for some of the responses in case you decided after your first effort that you wanted to try a different approach, and there were even more templates in the back of the book. The construction of the book itself is very sturdy, which is a good thing for something you may be carrying around with you or revisiting often. The cover is thick but flexible, and it even has an elasticized band for closure. 

This would make an excellent gift, especially at this time of year when many people are thinking of New Year's resolutions. If you know someone who is at a point where they are considering making some changes or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your own level of satisfaction with your life, then order a copy of this book. It will be very helpful.

For more details visit the author bio or book info provided by the publisher.

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